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July 30 — Laguna Hills

LeFever’s photography continues to be used in Chicago by worship leader Brad Colemean. Plans are being discussed with worship leader collaboratives on bringing the visual arts back to worship space.

Jeff LeFever announces continued work on his long awaited Jerusalem Journal. Nearly finished, this 160 page fully photo illustrated journal, is planned as a special Premium Blurb Book gift to the donors of his 20o9/10 travel to Jerusalem. The book will be paired down for online presentation along with a journal for the USA, and Europe. The journal will be completed in Steamboat California where the artist is renting a retreat specifically to complete this work.

October 15th presentation of the artists work at Little Church by the Seal in Laguna Beach will be tied in with the churches study of Ecclesiastes. Admission is free.

October November consecrated space documentary travels begin in Germany with selected cities and finishes in Poland with a documentary of the Death Camps as consecrated space. This is a non sponsor supported documentary. Returning to teh USA, LeFever will document the National Shrine in Washington D.C. on way to Chicago to finish his study of Chicago churches. The trip can be followed at the LeFever Travelog site.

December, LeFever pairs up again with Benjamin Makino, founder  and conductor of the Blackbird Music Project to illustrate the performance of Paul Hindemith’s monumental Rilke cycle Das Marienleben (The Life of Mary). Their previous collaboration was Schoenberg’s Opus 21: Pierrot Lunaire with Julieanne Kline performing


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Blackbird Music Project

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