September, 2011, HOMELESS is written up by Dale Fincher

“Homeless” photographic triptych by Jeff LeFever inspires contemplation in posting by Dale Fincher



Sept. 13 — Steamboat Springs Colorado

Artist/ Photographer Jeff LeFever’s photographic triptych “Homeless” is hanging in the foyer of Little Church By The Sea in Laguna Beach California. LeFever’s work will be on the wall until the end of October in correlation with the church’s biblical study of Ecclesiastes.

LeFever’s work touches on the fine line that humanity walks: the line between entropy and heaven.

Dale Fincher, co-founder of Soulation with his wife Jonalyn, picked up on the artwork and was inspired to write a meditation on “Homeless” and homelessness. The writing is posted on the Soulation website under Breakfast Reading: Homeless Hands that God Made

Dale and Jonalyn Fincher engage thoughtfully with people around the world through public speaking, performances, books, blogs, and their website, : they help expand human souls, continuing soul care with the conversation on what it means to live “appropriately human.”

Also related to LeFever’s ‘Homeless”, Jeff LeFever will be speaking at Little Church By The Sea October 15. LeFever was asked to speak about his work and how it ties into the state of man especially in regards to Ecclesiastes. LeFever has chosen to present a performance in partnership with Bernard Chadwick, a simple performance that will include a slide show of his work, the music of Bernie in three interludes, readings of Ecclesiastes, and the artist performing as himself in reflection.



Jeff LeFever


Little Church By The Sea

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