Sept. 15, 2010. Reimagining A New Face To An Old Pierrot

Oct 15, 2010

Bringing Pierrot Into The 21st Century…



Sept. 15th — Laguna Hills


Jeff LeFever has entered into collaboration with conductor Benjamin Makino to create the visual projections for Makino’s Blackbird Music Project ensemble’s Oct. 15th 2010 performance of Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire Op 21, one of the seminal musical compositions of the 20th century.

With her earthy and dynamic vocals, soprano Julieanne Klein will breath life into the 21 Giraud rondels that Schoenberg ordered to narrate his Pierrot fueled allegory that came to represent the modern artist in a piece announcing the end of modernism.

LeFever has opted to take the direction of the work into a more experiential direction saying, “It would be my hope that the audience, rather than viewing the metamorphosis of Pierrot’s reconciliation journey, would indeed have the experience of being Pierrot, experiencing the piece, through the visuals, from inside pierrot’s mind.”

Using his photography  rather than his painting skills, the California artist is incorporating images from our lives, especially the media that a Pierrot character might be surrounded by and feel moralistically moved to denounce, being the representative artist that Pierrot thinks he is… insulating himself from the pain of isolation by imagining his own appropriations from the images around him. In this complex psychological dissection, LeFever probes our own psychology and the psychology of ego paradigm, carnally and spiritually.

For more information about this production and to help support the financing of the performance, Benjamin Makino has started a Kickstarter fundraising campaign offering all sorts of incentives at every level. READ ABOUT it HERE at  Benjamin Makino is known for bringing obscure works of classical music to light and offering the experience of discovery that would otherwise not be available. “Everyone is encouraged to support the making and performance of this extraordinary piece of history.” offers LeFever,  ”with as little as a dollar. Check out the Kickstarter offers, come and contribute,  join in the making of a new Pierrot.”

For more on LeFever’s thoughts and progress, LeFever has started a blog with his production notes, giving insight to his creative process: LeFever Pierrot Journal.

Pierrot Lunaire Op 21
Benjamin Makino, Conductor
Julieanne Klein, Soprano
Jeff LeFever, Visuals
Orange County High School of the Arts
Santa Ana, CA


Jeff LeFever

Benjamin Makino & The Blackbird Music Project

Julieanne Klein

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