Ongoing & Open Call for Smokers: Do You Smoke? Be One of the LeFever Smokers!

I am always looking for smokers to photograph in my expanding Smokers Series.

If you SMOKE (any substance will do, as this series is about Smoke as well as Smokers), then CONTACT me. EMAIL Jeff LeFever (

This is an ONGOING call for Smokers – contact me anytime to discuss. I brainstorm with every smoker to find the unique image.

Questions I will ask you are:

  1. Are there any particular activities you do when you smoke (i.e., smoking while cleaning windows, or while in the bathtub, or prefer smoking in your car, brush your teeth…some do, some don’t).
  2. What can you bring to the shoot? (i.e., Black angel wings, mask, wigs, props, personal objects, 58 caddy…tell me what you’ve got!).
  3. Any locations you for the shoot that you think would be interesting to me? (i.e., warehouse of musical equipment, factories, clubs or restaurant [need permission of owners], abandoned house, mansion, hotel…Let’s make it interesting…).
  4. Can I count on you to show up?

Contact me today and let’s set up a shoot time. Let’s make some art!

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