July 7, 2009: NEW lefever.com launched

Monday, July 20th, 2009
LeFever.com gets an update – a major update.

new_lefever Over 200 new images have been uploaded in new categories such as “Tattoos at the Beach”, “Expressions”, “Daily”, “Layers”. Popular previous galleries such as LeFever’s ”Smokers” and his ongoing collection, “Consecrated Spaces” are also represented with new work.

New to the “Consecrated Sapces” section is the division of categories giving us fresh offerings from Europe, USA, and the Middle East. Interesting addition is a new level of audience participation where the artist invites us to partner with him in the making of the imagery through sponsorships. Sponsorships offer a patronage opportunity as well as an investment opportunity. Although any amount can be donated to a specific overseas mission, contributions of $200 and up receive a photo from that trip as a gratuity. And these are no snapshot photos. What is offered from a choice selection to each Sponsor is a professional lab print up to 20×26 inches and a value of up to $625.!

Also new to the site is the availability to acquire Jeff’s photographic prints and some of his paintings. All online no less using a PayPal secure, e-commerce website. It’s about time. However, at this writing – the online shop had not been populated with collectibles for acquisition. LeFever says that people will also be able to buy sponsorships online as well using a credit card.

But enough about what is new – all that information can be found at the new website and at the following links. Let’s talk about his new images. Nice work, Jeff. Looks like this current body of images have stepped up a notch. Not that the old stuff was bad, it wasn’t, however there is an interesting theme occurring in LeFever’s voice that was not present before. A maturing of his photographic eye is also apparent.  Talking with Jeff, it is obvious that his recent month in the Czech Republic did good for his creative vision.

For more about this, visit the following links:
About LeFever Sponsorships: www.lefever.com/2009-Sponsorship_announce.html
About Buying and Collecting the artist’s work: www.lefever.com/2009_invest.html

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