Long Awaited Jerusalem Journal Sponsor Edition Complete

In+Sight Jerusalem Journal Completed : September 2011



October 09 — Laguna Hills


In December of 2009, Artist, Photographer Jeff leFever departed to Israel to document the consecrated. Upon setting foot in the Old City of Jerusalem, LeFever changed his plans to stay for 30 days in the Holy City alone. As part of his ongoing photo study of the consecrated space and the consecrated life, LeFever raised the money necessary for his mission through KickStarter. By the contributions of friends and family, LeFever was able to make his budget. Sponsors giving $250. or more received a print of their choice from the trip. Sponsors of $500 and up also received a PDF version of LeFever’s In+Sight Journal from the Czech Republic as an electronic download. The real gift of the sponsorships however went to teh 4 $1000. + donors: a printed copy of Jeff’s In+Sight Jerusalem Journal.


The In+Sight Jerusalem Journal is 180 pages of photos, memoirs, and poignant observations on the consecrated. It is almost 2 years in the making (due in part to life and work, delays continued to interrupt progress). LeFever finally took a month away to Steamboat Springs, renting a townhouse near the Ski Gondola and amidst the changing Fall colors of the Colorado Aspen to concentrate and finish his Jerusalem Journal for his major sponsors.


LeFever hired and worked with editor/writing coach Beth Jusino, who basically checked for writing and grammatical errors and with a little fact checking. “Beth gave me the confidence to publish the work,” says Jeff. “Though my ideas may be considered visionary and timely, I am a bit of an ox when it comes to writing them down clearly let alone eloquently. Beth helped clarify my observations so that they made better sense.”


The first proof from Blurb was reviewed by LeFever mid September and the images  found to be black heavy. LeFever made corrections to every photo and re-uploaded his Journal to Blurb. Upon review of the second proof, the printing was approved and the Sponsor Editions were ordered.

“Finishing the Jerusalem Journal was quite the landmark and will serve as the template for the next two 80 page Journals” LeFever explains. The 160 page sponsor edition will be reduced to 80 pages, (removing the personal aspects of his travels, concentrating solely on the dialog of visual beauty and the enchantment of the consecrated spaces in our communities) and will be one of three 80 page In+Sight publications offered freely for viewing as online flip-books through the Foundation for the Biblical Arts: In+Sight Jerusalem, In+Sight United States I, In+Sight Europe I.


The 80 page trilogy of observations will also be printed through Blurb’s premium service as part of a Vatican proposal. LeFever states he will release information about that once the proposal is complete in February 2012.

A full preview of all 160 pages is available at Blurb.  ( http://www.blurb.com/books/2509005 )


Foundation for the Biblical Arts (Journals)

Beth Jusino

BLURBbooks / LeFever

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