LeFever Pierrot Lunnaire Images to be Shown at Fairhaven Mausoleum Show

Nov 2, 2010

LAGUNA COLLEGE OF ART + DESIGN & Fairhaven Memorial Park

5th Annual Juried LCAD Alumni + MFA Student Art Exhibition

A Three-day Installation Continuing the Tradition of Art in Sacred Spaces

From Friday, November 5th at 6PM through Sunday, November 7th (closing at 5PM)



November. 2nd — Laguna Hills


On October 15th, 2010 at an old First Church of Christ Science , now a theater for the Orange County High School of the Arts in Santa Ana California, Benjamin Makino and Jeff LeFever collaborated on a performance of Pierrot Lunaire Op. 21 by Arnold  Schoenberg.

From that performance a Blurbbook was created. The book is a  printed collection of twenty-one  show images  created by artist/ photographer Jeff LeFever including some thoughts behind the images, and the 21 rondels of Giraud’s selected by  Schoenberg  for his historic Op. 21.

Coming up as soon as November 5th, these images can be seen again in a new light. A selection of over 40 images from the Schoenberg performance collaboration have been “re-purposed” into a single slide presentation to be shown at the November 5th – 7th Fine Art Showing in Santa Ana at the Fairhaven Mausoleum. This is the 5th Annual Juried exhibition and collector sale showing sponsored by the Laguna College of Art and Design and Fairhaven Memorial Park. The main curator of the show is Artist Regina Jacobson whom Fairhaven contacted in 2005 to help put up an exhibition of her work at the Mausoleum facility, a beautifully architected marble building over one hundred years old. transitions-09

LeFever has had the privilege of showing for the past 5 years of the Fairhaven/LCAD Mausoleum show as an invited guest artist. His slide shows of the past have been silent meditations from the “Architecture of Beauty” to “Life: A Reflection”. This years offering is LeFever Pierrot Lunaire Op. 21 (san-Schoenberg), transition~reconciliation.

Images on this page are transitional images or “in-betweeners” from the show.

The artists says, “The music at the Fairhaven show is usually reflective and ambient. It will be interesting to see how the images in my presentation, which were created as a synergetic aspect to the whole of the Schoenberg performance of Pierrot Lunnaire Op. 21 – dependent on the Schoenberg music for their emotional charge – will appear and react with the audience given the music selection chosen to compliment the entire evenings and days at Fairhaven. It will create an entirely different interpretation intellectually and emotionally sans-Schoenberg. I am excited to see how it turns out. Also, the rondels of Giraud were added to the images for Fairhaven, so the experience requires active reading. I will guess that people attending will watch it through, more than once.”

transitions-13 The show scheduel is as follows:

Friday, November 5, 6PM – 10PM

Candlelight Artists’ Reception

Wine and Cheese

Juried Awards Presentation (7PM)

Contemplative Slide Presentation (continuous)

Saturday, November 6, 10AM – 8PM

Contemplative Slide Presentation (continuous)

Evening Candlelight Viewing

Sunday, November 7, 10AM – 5PM

Panel Discussion (1-2:30 PM) “Art & The Sacred Space”

Closing Artists’ Reception (3 PM) transitions-12

Wine and Cheese

Live Music: Duo-Absinth

LeFever is also one of the panelists to be speaking on Sunday afternoon from 1PM-2:30PM discussing “Art & The Sacred Space.” At this time it is to be determined if there will be another slide presentation of his images from the artist/ photographer’s series on Consecrated Spaces. or if he will be giving a Key note presentation on the value of the arts and consecration. LeFever notes, ” I am ready for either.”


When: Friday, November 5 to Sunday, November 7, 2010

Admission: $5 Donation per Person

Location: Fairhaven Memorial Park + Mausoleum

1702 Fairhaven Avenue

Santa Ana, CA 92705

All three days offer opportunities to purchase displayed art.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit the

Alumni Scholarship Fund for LCAD undergraduates.



About the LeFever Images created for the September 15th performance with Benjamin Makino, Julieanne Klein and the Blackbird Music Project, read the production blog at: http://pierrot1015.wordpress.com/

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