December 8, 2009: LeFever Leaves for Jerusalem

December 8, 2009

Jeff LeFever leaves for Israel for a month in Jerusalem to digitally document the sacred and holy, the numinous among the consecrated in the Holy Land, the life of the people.

Arriving for chanuka, the Festival of Lights and Christmas.

His trip is sponsored by investors who receive prints in kind for their support. Flight leaves December 10th and the artist/photographer will return to California January 7th, 2010.

His first post regarding the Israel Mission was posted at his consecrated space blog . This blog is active again after a nine month ‘quiet’ period.

Global Spiral an e-publication of Metanexus Institute explores humanity’s most profound questions and challenges through articles, essays, book reviews, news, and art. Jeff was selected to be the December Issue featured artist.

Images from his recent mission to the Czech Republic populate the four main writing contributions. This is Jeff’s second year as the December featured artist.


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