Feb. 2011, LeFever Guest Photographer at Creative Motion Design

Feb 1, 2011

Creative Motion Design selects Jeff LeFever as Guest Photographer



February 1st — Laguna Hills

Artist/ Photographer Jeff LeFever, Guest Photographer at CMD, answers questions and offers free advice concerning photographic art at Creative Motion Design Blog.

Andrew Trovaioli first met Jeff LeFever at a lunch line for a BBQ vendor stand in the open area by the Palledium in Prague. Trovaioli, in line for lunch, had bumped into one of LeFever’s camera’s as LeFever was “scoping” the scene. A “sorry bro” led into a discussion as the two realized they were both from California (originally). Andrew lived in London working as an Advertising Creative Director traveling to Czech and back. With mutual backgrounds the two took an instant liking, meeting a couple more times during LeFever’s sacred space documentary in Prague, Brno, Kutna Hora, and Olemouc.

A year and a half later, Trovaioli, as head of global branding for Creative Motion Design, selected LeFever to be Guest Photographer in the company’s new global campaign. “I was surprised and honored,” recalls LeFever. “Andrew is one of the most creative people I have met – his ideas are cutting edge and memorable, very engaging and interactive – especially his Fashion industry work! I am a huge fan.”

Creative Motion Design (CMD) makes flash enabled design templates primarily (but not exclusively) for the photography market. Their designs are fresh and competitive offering a blog and developing photographic community. “I am considering a CMD designed site – the only problem is choosing a template – they are all excellent!” exclaims LeFever. “2011 is already marked for excessive travel and photo documntia… I think one of the CMD templates would be an exciting solution to highlighting the documentary in real time… I am working out the methodology now before the arduous task of selecting a design – how does one choose?”

LeFever as guest photographer is available to CMD clients and blog participants to answer questions and offer free advice concerning photographic artwork.


Jeff LeFever

Creative Motion Design

CMD Blog

Andrew Trovaioli (see more of Andrew’s creativity in recent work: for Wranglers Jeans: http://www.wrangler-europe.com/blue-bell/collection-fw10/ & for Heattech http://www.uniqlo.com/heattech/us/ ) Andrew is also finalizing his work on the film, REWIND, with executive producer Clive Owen.

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