May 1, 2010: LeFever Finishes Domestic Tour

May 1, 2010

Jerusalem changed my game, the blessing and anointing that occurred there, continued into my first U.S. Domestic Consecrated Documentary Tour.



May 1st — Jeff LeFever, founder, CEO, and president of the Foundation for the Biblical Arts, returned from a month in the Old City of Jerusalem not just photo documenting the Holy sites, but also the people and the way they live in the distinct City Quarters.

Back for 5 weeks, where he makes his current home,  Laguna Hills, California, LeFever took off for New York, Pennsylvania, Chicago, Colorado Springs and Steamboat Springs, ending the tour in New Mexico shooting in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Chimayo, and Abiquiu.

_mg_8410a LeFever arrived in New York in time for the blizzard, being sure to be in the snow for shots he would never see in California. With this trip to Manhattan, the photographer says he has photographed all the churches on the island except for the very few that were closed.

For the artist, the ‘gold mine’ of the trip turned out to be Chicago. “The Churches in Chicago were a great surprise out numbering Manhattan and equally as beautiful as New York’s best – the people in Chicago turned out to be very friendly and helpful – Chicago is an accommodating city, even though the economy has hit them hard.” LeFever recalls, “one day I managed with the help of an ‘angel’, to visit 9 churches that were not on my map or on my itinerary.”

New Mexico was a documentia of the Hispanic traditions during Easter Holy week. LeFever’s main interest was the pilgrimage to lefever_skipeastersunrise_mg_0711b Chimayo, to the hole of healing dirt blessed by the Chimayo priests – every year nearly 60,000 people walk to this Lourdes of America for blessing and as a devotion to Christ who bore the cross. Many of the pilgrims carry crosses or sacks of rocks to connect with the suffering of Jesus at Calvary.

Jeff also took time out to photograph Pastor Skip Heitzig during his  time in Albuquerque at a Sunrise Easter Service, as well as a private shoot in Santa Fe the following day.

LeFever and Heitzig got along well, Skip also being an accomplished photographer. “Skip is very easy to be around, down to earth, interested in tech, fun and genuine – I really enjoyed our brief time together”. The Shoot was set up by Brian Nixon who works at Calvary Albuquerque’s publishing arm. Calvary Alb. is the largest church in New Mexico.


LeFever is planning a second Domestic Tour for June/July.  Details forthcoming.

A daily journal of the artist’s travels can be found online at his Travel Log:


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