July, 2011, LeFever Launches jefflefever.net

Creative Motion Design guest photographer of the month Jeff LeFever launches jefflefever.net



July 30 — Laguna Hills

cmdentrance Artist/ Photographer Jeff LeFever, Guest Photographer at Creative Motion Design (CMD), after returning from three weeks in France touring eight cities has launched his newest website, www.jefflefever.net

The new website is a flash based template provided by Creative Motion Design. Creative Motion Design (CMD) makes flash enabled design templates primarily (but not exclusively) for the photography market.

LeFever says that this 12th website of his is the first Flash based website he has launched. Recognizing this will be a problem on Apple products such as iPad, and iPhones, LeFever is confident that CMD will make better html based extension templates to satisfy those growing markets.

cmdspaces   Interestingly, LeFever has chosen to pair up the vertical images offering interesting juxtapositions in meaning, and in aesthetic. The artist mentions that these juxtapositions are becoming his preferred way of displaying his images in live presentations and print publications. The new website expands ideas and images presented at his main web site, www.lefever.com pulling from the same categories of the artist’s interest: Consecrated Spaces, People, Flora (FloraGlossia).

Consecrated Space is an ongoing interest of work that LeFever lends to his non-profit organization, the Foundation for the Biblical Arts . On his CMD website LeFever has chosen to group images based on location. The freshest work comes from his most recent trip to France. “Grouping the images this way,” Jeff explains, “allows for future updates as I continue to travel and document the experience and encounter of faith and aesthetic in consecrated spaces.”

cmdpeople The photographer comments, “I am rather excited, actually, with the launch of this flash site. The CMD template makes updating easy now that the site is finally designed. The graphics and functionality offer a new aesthetic to my other sites. People have often asked me for larger images: now they have them.”

People is another group on the new CMD site. LeFever’s interest in people is born out of curiosity to people living their lives. Cherub like children scuttle the sands of Laguna Beach along with other bold expressions of flesh. Beggers pray, people walk and run, read and train, sling guns, and drink beer: people the artist says, “happen to be where he is at whenever he is out…” – cryptic as that sounds.

cmdflora A third category of images that LeFever has offered are a dazzling look at flora and fauna. The section is called FloraGlossia (“Flower Speak”, derived from a mix of latin and greek), LeFever’s title for his Flower Photography. LeFever adds, “we have three categories: the man made, man, and nature – I thought that would be a nice narrative for starts.” In the FloraGlossia section, Jeff gives some of his monochromes (and a tester in color… which he says he threw in to see if anyone was paying attention…) and his popular Wet Leafs as he says (or Wet Leaves if one wants to be language correct to English usage). LeFever mentions that he finds the comparison of architecture visually fascinating between the churches and the flora.

This public launch of  the CMD site is phase 1. LeFever says that CMD offers a proofing cart and a blog. Plans to offer prints for sale are on their way and the proofing cart will be instrumental. LeFever, who already writes a travel log when he is on documentary travel, and his encounters of sacred space in a column called SNAPSHOTS at the FBA website says he will write about photography and seeing for his CMD blog. More on that when Phase 2 is launched.

The site is online and ready to view: www.jefflefever.net


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