January, 2011, LeFever Works with New Client – Niagara Bottling

January, 2011

Niagara Bottling LLC selects Jeff LeFever as Photographer



January 1st — Laguna Hills

niagaranews Artist/ Photographer Jeff LeFever, recommended to the new Marketing Manager for Niagara Bottling LLC, Julia Buchanan, by designer Jack Fearing, takes freelance photographer position with Niagara giving face to their 2011 branding campaign .

Niagara Bottling, LLC is the largest Privately owned bottler in the United states.

LeFever. mostly known for his documentary work with sacred space and the topic of people’s self expression, is also adept in commercial photography, specializing in table top studio product photography.

Images for Niagara began with newsletter supplementals: portrait shots of management, personnel and candid factory shots. “The idea was to begin a stock library of usable images that Julia and the marketing team would have access to… like stock photography, but customized to Niagara’s actual facility,” states LeFever, “it is a more honest approach than most corporations use when they simply take from online stock photo agencies.”

This suits Niagara well as a privately owned family corporation built on honesty, quality service, quality product, and family value. A history of Niagara can be found online HERE.

After the initial photo shoot at the Ontario California location, LeFever was given the New Niagara product line to photograph for simple sell sheets and catalog, both web and print.

“I really enjoy shooting product,” offers Lefever, “I always have. It is a different kind of challenge working with the lighting and inanimate objects – in the case of Niagara, creating jewels out of plastic and water.”

LeFever says the product shoots are two part. The first is the digital capture, laying the foundation – the real “magic” according to LeFever, is in the post production retouch. LeFever, who counsels and teaches Graphic Design departments on post production says that post is the critical part of making an image “pop” commercially, but that it is always best to start with an excellent foundational photo capture. “However,” adds LeFever, sometimes the product is damaged in shipping, or it just isn’t beautiful to start with… too many production flaws especially in mass produced packaging.” The photographer is quick to point out that knowing where to go in post and what can be done can inform the actual shoot set up, especially if the final image will be a composite.

Niagara and LeFever continue to represent the value of the company with outstanding photographic imagery.


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