May 13, 2010: Foundation for the Biblical Arts Website Deisgn Started

May 13, 2010

Designs for the FBA website is finally underway.



May 13th — Jeff LeFever, founder of the Foundation for the Biblical Arts, excitedly discusses the new design for the FBA website.

newsreleasefba-design-ideas-1b_about “Designs are finally underway… I am hoping for a late summer launch,” comments Jeff.

Pulling from his vast resources of photographs taken in France, the Check Republic, Jerusalem, and cities around the United States, LeFever hopes the site will be visually rich, unique, and influential in launching a visual arts renaissance in America. “May it be an inspiration and a blessing, God willing,” says LeFever.

“I spent a week in Steamboat Colorado writing the content for the site, basically ironing out my vision of service and how I might present it to the public,” Jeff said, ” the main emphasis is to offer a vehicle for dialoging on the value that the visual arts play in worship – especially the importance of consecrated space.”

When pressed further why this is important, Lefever half smiles though his eyes are troubled, “We live in a culture that values the material and the superficial: material gain, personal identity closely tied to the idea of individual freedom…self expression, self assertion, self aggrandizement… pleasure, entitlement, verbose consumption, the easy life….what appears to me to be a socio/cultural train wreck. I sense that a identity closer to a spiritual core, centered in a religious presence in a community could be a counter weight to to such an environment for those hearts and minds searching for an authentic religious/spiritual community.” newsreleasefba-design-ideas-1b_dialog-blog1_public

When asked how he sees his ideas playing out; what his ideas can offer people that current religious entities do not… LeFever only offers, “We will have to wait and see. But I can tell you , many people who attend church, are not satisfied with the way thing are. I am hoping my ideas can inspire conversations that address notions of religious community for those people who seek that very thing, especially when in our time, the words ‘spiritual’ and ‘religious’ are loaded words fraught with such misunderstanding”

LeFever began the Foundation for the Biblical Arts as a vehicle to help foster  deeper understanding and develop the means to the visual high arts back to church culture.

Having been a professional artist in both the commercial and fine arts since 1978 , and teaching for a decade at the prestigious Laguna College of Art and Design, LeFever now considers himself a “Facilitator of Dialog” on the subject of arts and consecrated space.

“Originally the FBA was a way of helping the artists, disenfranchised from churches, to find merit in themselves and their gifts,” stresses LeFever, “and given my observations, travels, studies – the FBA is evolving to serve in a much greater capacity, with ideas that will help not just disenfranchised artists, but a church body that feels itself in a wilderness, going to church as usual, but finding it little less than the secular culture in performance and offering.”

The FBA website is scheduled for launch at the end of Summer, 2010.


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