Foundation For the Biblical Arts is a GO for 2011

What has Jeff been cooking? Now that is a question and I want to tell you about it!

Ladies and Gentlemen, FBA
People of Faith, and ye of little faith,
I am pleased
To announce
The long awaited website for the Foundation for the Biblical Arts (FBA)
Is here!

(No, it is here: )I like this quote of Gaudi, “Originality is returning to the origin

I hope you are ready to be inspired…we are in the conversation for reclaiming the original and high arts. If you are feeling a lack in the church arts, it is because there is a lack. It is time we change that.

The online website is now active, available, and ready for you to get involved and interact, tell your story, learn new things, see things differently, grow, build, make a difference in a changing faith community.
The FBA is a U.S. 501c3 Not For Profit Corporation, advancing consecrated space through awareness, dialog, and practice.

Some of the highlights online are:

Well – you get the idea. Go online and take a look – feel free to forward this email to all you think would be interested in the arts and faith – what it is to express Beauty as worship…

LIKE us at out Face Book Page:
Follow us as we develop new things to share, teach, expand in our aesthetic awareness:

More to come – I am excited to finally get this up and running so we can be inspired, for God is good.

Happy New Year – this is a great start.
Come play with me,
Let’s talk,
Let’s create smart and glorious original things,
That speak of Him who is our origin.


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