Announcement: Call out to the Poor of Faith, NEW PROJECT according to James 2

I am beginning work on a new project according to JAMES 2 to be part of a performance of “Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet” by Gavin Bryars .

My idea is to reveal the FAITH held in the hearts of those that are poor with simple portraits. The images (not all, but many) will be projected during the performance of teh Bryars interpretation performed by the Blackbird Music Project, Benjamin Makino conducting. This will also possibly be grown into a book if the funding can be raised and part of a continuing educational outreach to students studying music in the BMP educational service to the arts and music.

It is a simple premise really – I was struck by James 2, in particular, v. 5. Of course, referencing James 1, v. 9, v. 12, this project is to document those who are POOR at this time, suffering in this economy.

The working title for this project is, ” Heirs to the King” (based on James 2:5 and Matt 5:3), thought this title may change by production.

I am currently in Orange County, California and so this call is for people living in California.

Many who are oor and struck down in this economy have not access to email or the internet – so if you read this, and know of some incredibly FAITH RICH individuals, or families, please pass this info on and if they would be willing to participate, pass their info on to me so I can come and interview them.

Thank you.

PLEASE CONTACT me: Jeff LeFever,

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