What is Jeff LeFever doing these days …. ? It gets asked.

Jeff is involved with some exciting things lately. Formally known in the 1980′s as one of the premier airbrush artists in the world because of his iconic images and humorous social observations, known for his developing ideas in the Fine Arts with mixed media painting and his developed style known as “Relationalism”, Jeff is further developing his voice using the photographic medium as a means to express his observations into human expression and life choices (such as the “extreme occupation”, and our common “moments between”.

This NEWS website was started in the Summer of 2009 for the people interested in keeping current with Jeff: Shows, articles, documentary tours, painting sales, appearances, events, presentations, speaking engagements, web updates, etc.

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Jeff leFever on the web:

Purchase photos, paintings, and other LeFever product offers at jefflefever.com , Jeff’s online store.

New photographic images can be found at lefever.com, the official website for Jeff LeFever’s personal work and vision.

LeFever’s online commercial photography portfolio is located at lefeverphotography.com

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